My Brothers, a new year has begun and we are now associated with a new elementary school. Sadly, Fern Creek Elementary has closed their doors and we were forced to find a new school to partner with. Thankfully, Holly Venture, our contact at Fern Creek, suggested a new school for us to partner with. I immediately reached out to Mrs. Isolda Fisher, the principal of Kaley Lake Como Elementary School and she could not have jumped any faster at the opportunity to work with us. I have come to find out that our point of contact is going to be Mrs. Angela Crapps, who many of our shrine brothers may know as she used to work in the Red Fez. How awesome is that.

Well, with the new year and new school, our traditions will continue and Kaley Lake Como has found us two teachers to adopt. On September 20, W. Joseph Crum and I met with Mrs. Fisher and Mrs Crapps who gave us a brief tour of the school grounds and introduced us to Ms. Sade Sims and Mr. Matthew Young. Both of these teachers are relatively new to teaching, but both are extremely excited with teaching and were thrilled beyond belief that we have adopted them for the new year. Ms. Sims has already used the gift card to buy supplies to make ice cream in class as part of a science experiment and Mr. Young has asked me to come and do a fireworks discussion with his class. These two teachers seem anxious to work with us so I think it will be a great year. So, with out any further delay, allow me to introduce our teachers:

Ms. Sims has already given us her information and I have started to purchase her items. If you desire, here are some additional items that she has requested.


Mr. Young has also given us his list. I have started to purchase some items, but he has more expensive tastes, LOL. If you desire, here are some additional items that he has requested.

  • Genderless Human Torso (12-part)
  • Exploring the Earth Moon System Kit
  • Solar Kit
  • NewPath Learning® Food Chains/Food Webs Exploring Nature Flip Charts
  • Nasco’s SciQuest® Electromagnetism and Current Electricity Multi-Group Kit
  • Dowling Classroom Attractions Level 2 Magnet Set
  • Haier HC17SF15RW 1.7 Cubic Feet Refrigerator/Freezer, Energy Star Qualified
  • Ball Chair, LuxFit Premium Fitness Exercise Ball Chairs For Home And Office 2 Year Warranty! With 2000lbs Static Strength Ball Great Office Desk Chair, and Stability Ball
  • Hubbard Scientific Water Cycle Model Activity Set

If all goes well, I hope to have our new teachers join us in lodge no later than November 14, but I am pushing for October 24. Also remember, we want to participate in the Orange County Teach In. If you are interested, you need to visit https://www.ocps.net/departments/community_resources_/. Let’s help out our new school.


Pictures of Lodge Visit — Kaley Lake Como Elementary School — October 24th, 2017



Congradulations to our First student of the month, Alexander Schmedt……5th Grader

Congradulations to our Second student of the month, Marie……3rd  Grader

Gift to our adopted teacher Miss Sims

Gift to our adopted teacher Mr. Jones

 Congratulations to our Third Student of the Month, Tess Shockley …. Kindergarten Student

Congradulations to our fourth student of the month, Lincoln Hamell

Congratulations to our Fifth Student of the Month, Jacob Keefe ….2nd Grader


Congratulations to our Sixth Student of the Month, Serenity Ball