We visited the Lake Como School today and adopted our two teachers for 2019… Ms. Darian Babb and Ms. Mariah Fuertes.

During our visit we were treated to lunch, which was cooked by a Chef. The Staff at  Lake Como School really appreciate our partnership!


The following picture Shows our newly adopted teachers. Ms Darian Babb (Black Outfit) and Ms. Mariah Fuertes ( Blue Jeans):  2019 – 2020



The Teachers and Principal Visited our Lodge on October 08, 2019 to receive their school supplies and Official Certificates:






This is a picture of the Chef cooking our Lunch at Lake Como School. The school treated us to lunch: 2019


Student of the Month —  First Award for the month of September, 2019 — Eric Sandoval:


Student of the Month – October, 2019 — Maxwell Young:


Student of the Month – November, 2019

Cyria Williams:

Gift to the Assistant Principal:



2018 -2019 Adopted Teachers and Student of the Month Events that followed During the Year

Ms. Angela Yowler (6th grade Teacher)

Ms. Kathleen Griffin (Kindergarten/1st Grade Special Needs Teacher)


 Taylor Owens (Fifth Grade Student), first award for the month of October 2018


Taylor Owens Reaction when announced she was award winner !


Brother Jeff Battaglia went to Lake Como to present Ms. Yowler with her Grand Lodge Certificate of Adoption by our Lodge. He also presented her with the school supplies she had requested for her students.

Lake Como Teacher and Principle Visit Our Lodge


First Student Award for the month of January, 2019 of the New Year was presented to 2nd Grader Eleanor Howell

Second Student Award for the month of February, 2019 was presented to Student Schuler Osborne

Third Student Award for the month of March, 2019 was presented to Student Colin Fighoha

Newly Created Board at Lake Como

Board Indicating Student of the Month

Fourth Student Award for the month of April, 2019 was presented to Student Azriel Harris-Wright

Student of the Year Layla Duncan was presented Orlando 69 plaque and gift Certificate — May 16th, 2019